About Me

me web pageOriginally from the Isle of Wight I spent most of my childhood holidays hiking around the Lake District and Snowdonia. Always a lover of the great outdoors I’ve spent much time travelling over the years, notably trekking in Central and South America and Nepal. More recently hiking in the Cascades and Olympics mountain ranges of Washington and Oregon.

In 1990 I came to Serre Chevalier for a three week holiday. Twenty four years later I’m still here in Briançon, which pretty much says it all...!Having followed all the necessary training courses and taken all the exams in France, I now hold the french state diploma of “Accompagnateur en Montagne”, recognised as a professional qualification virtually all over the world, the UK equivalent for which is International Mountain Leader or hiking and trekking guide.

I'm a keen skier, snowboarder, cross country skier, mountain biker and trail runner. This year I've started winter trail running which is not for the faint hearted but great fun if you like a challenge! I'm can offer advice and as a sports instructor can draw up tailor made training programs for beginners and for those who wish to improve their trail running or mountain marathon skills.

With some colleagues we have set up a local syndicate Horizons which enables us to propose other activities and hiking and trekking trips overseas.

I am an active member of the UNAM (Union Nationale des Accompagnateurs en Montagne) and a qualified advanced medical first responder with the PROTECTION CIVILE and as such have all the requisite paperwork in order to ensure that your trips are carried out with your safety and security as a paramount consideration.